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What Does This Blog Mean to You?

When I started this blog a little more than a year ago my intention was to share my ideas and thoughts around a number of areas ... primarily the IT staffing industry, the technology "space", personal development and sales. Over the course of the year I have added in things such as book reviews/recommendations and "Kevin's pontifications" about a variety of subjects.

Also when I started this blog the intended audience was people in the technology space who might be interested in our world, potentially independent contractors and the occasional client. One of the biggest surprises to me (and in hindsight it should not have been a surprise) was that many of Eagle's employees and even some of my relatives read the blog. As anyone in marketing knows, when the target audience is diversified it is always difficult to "hit the mark" for everyone, so I adopted the approach that I would just "tell it like it is" and see what happens.

I continue to learn about this blogosphere and here are some of the lessons that I would like to pass along to those who read this blog.

1. The opinions expressed are my personal opinions. As the CEO of Eagle, of course these will also represent some of Eagle's thinking too. However the "uncut" comments that you will read on my blog are not edited for political correctness as a CEO.
2. Often I find that people "personalize" my message thinking that I am talking about them. It is very rare that I would single out a person in that manner ... most often events happen that give me an idea, but it is written based upon multiple situations and not one specific person.
3. When I write about personal development I focus on best practices and the perfect solution. Nobody is perfect ... including me! I have as many failings as the next person, but the intent is to give something to strive for and NOT to point out people's weaknesses!
4. I won't change my approach. I live my life trying to get better all the time, and I think that we should all do that ... but that is just my opinion.
5. What is important to me might mean "not much" too you, and vice versa.

My hope is that people read this blog and;

1. Enjoy it;
2. Get some value from it; and
3. Use it as a motivator.

However don't take it TOO seriously, it is just one more "input" to your busy lives.