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What is Important to You?

It is important to remain grounded no matter where you are in your life. There were two events in the last few days that caused me to think about what is really important to me.

This weekend I visited the new war museum in Ottawa and spent a couple of hours browsing through the exhibits. It will take a few visits to really spend the time that the exhibits deserve. It was an interesting and yet sobering visit ... something we should all do occasionally, and take time to think about things that are bigger than us.

Yesterday I met with a young man who is developing his own business. He comes from a humble background but over the last two years has been able to develop a base from which he expects to expand significantly. He has drive and ambition and yet he doesn't forget where he comes from, and a big part of his future will be dedicated to "giving back" to a community that has been good to him. It was a refreshing visit, and I probably took more from it than he, and yet he was very impressed that this "important CEO" would take time out for him ... go figure!

In today's society we get swept along in the daily routines, the pressures of our jobs and the demands of our families. The pressure cooker of modern living has us all running hard and fast to keep up. How often do we stop and really assess ourselves, where we are, what we have achieved, what else we could do? How often do we think about how we might help others? How often do we set ourselves a goal that is totally unselfish ... that will have a positive impact on our world?

The visit to the museum was a stark reminder of the sacrifice so many people made and the finality of death. It caused me to think about what mark I will have made on the world when I am gone.

The young man I met with yesterday will make a difference to people that need help here in Canada. He will make a difference in our society because he is a man with a dream and a passion that won't be stopped. Yet, at the point where his company is poised for growth and success he is thinking about how he can give back! That is cool!

We should all reflect a little and understand what is really important in life, and then maybe we would give a little more, and take a little less. A quote from yesterday's meeting, "I don't really need all that much money to live".

Think about it ... what could you do just a little more of that would benefit others?