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A Leader with Passion

I have written about passion several times on this blog. I think it is irrefutable that someone with passion can really make things happen, and every now and again we are fortunate to come across someone with that infectious kind of passion. It can be both exhilarating and exasperating! You might well agree with them, but you might as easily disagree with them. Really it doesn't matter, people with passion have a purpose to their lives.

Recently a friend sent me a foreword from a Lee Iacocca book. Here is an eighty-two year old guy and he still has fire in his belly! He was talking about apathy in the American public, in accepting the policies and decisions of their government. He talks about Iraq, about debt about statesmanship and is clearly not a George W. Bush fan!

I have not read the book and can't really comment on his politics. I can tell you that I would love to have even a small percentage of this man's passion when I am his age.

if you are not living your life with passion then what are you doing? Coasting? You only get one chance at this life so get passionate about SOMETHING!!!