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Goals ... Just Do it!

Late last year I wrote a blog about "New Years Resolutions" and that was really about setting goals for the New Year. A couple of week's later I shared Michael Paquin's ideas about creating goals for the New Year.

The reality is that January 1st is not a magical date to create goals, we can create goals any time. Can you buy into the fact that writing something down, creating an action plan to achieve that item and assigning a timeline to it can be a powerful incentive to succeed? If so, then creating "goals" or whatever you want to call them can happen anytime ... what about NOW?

The other thing about "goals" is that you need to track your success with the action items and continually readjust the plan ... until you succeed. So NOW is also a great time to review any plans you set in motion for 2007. You can see how you are doing and readjust accordingly.

The other day I blogged about "Someday ..." and how goals can help you achieve those things you might "wish for". I gave a tangible example that demonstrates the power of goals.

Here is your action plan for NOW ...

1. Go and read my December 21st, 2006 blog about setting goals.
2. Create your own list.
3. Make it happen!
4. Make a date for a month from now to see how you are doing!

For those who did that back in January ...

1. Revisit those goals.
2. Update them.
3. Create a new action plan.
4. Make a date for a month from now to see how you are doing!

Note: These goals do not need to be anything to do with work! Some potential goals ...

Visit Europe in the next 5 years.
Buy a new car in the next 2 years.
Learn a new language.

Having said that, if they work at home ... then you can put them to excellent use at work!!!!