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Someday ...

I often reference Michael Paquin's coaching tips in this blog. Very often his tips are right on the money ... as is today's coaching tip.

I think many of us use the term "Someday I'll get around to ...". It might be anything, personal or professional, but if it is really something you want to do then in order to make it happen you need to set a goal and develop a plan to get there.

So as an example ... if I wanted to say "Someday I'll move into a sales job". If today I am a computer programmer (which is what I was before I moved into sales) then I need a plan to get there. If I just let it "float" then maybe I will get there eventually, ir maybe I won't. If, however I set a goal with action items then I will do it.

Goal: I will move into sales in the next 12 months.

1. Explore opportunities within the company. (within next 2 weeks)
2. Look into training courses for sales, to do at night. (immediate)
3. Identify 5 salespeople I know that I can ask about the job. (within next 4 weeks)
4. Identify one sales manager I know that I can get advice from. (within next 3 weeks)
5. Identify a mentor who can advise me on this career path. (within next 4 weeks)
6. Understand what entry level sales opportunities are possible in other companies. (within next 4 weeks)

4 weeks from now ... Evaluate status and reassess action plan.

This is a start and will result in action taking place towards the goal.

This is a tangible example of what people mean when they say things like ...
"Take charge of your own life"
"Create goals in order to get what you want'
and a million other bits of advice you will get in life (from people like me).

Michael Paquin's tip for the day is below ...

Seize Your Someday

Figure out what it is you want (usually the hardest part) and begin working toward it today. Just one small step a day will get you to where you want to go. No, it won't be overnight, but you will get there over time. Most people overestimate what they can do in a short time and underestimate what they can do over a longer period. Besides what does it matter if it takes a year or more? You were waiting for Someday anyway, and that usually never arrives.

Coaching Question
What one step can you take toward your goal today? Ask yourself this question every day; take that step and repeat the process the next day. Sooner than you think, you will have accomplished your goal.