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The Transactional Sale in Staffing!

In the B2B (Business to Business) sales world there are a number of different "types" of sales but for simplicity I will categorize them intoComplex sales and Simple sales. A simple sale is also sometimes known as a transactional sale.

In the staffing business we have both types of sales. The complex sale might be the process required to become a preferred supplier to a client; the simple or transactional sale is the process of placing a person(s) into a role.

Success in transactional selling requires the normal credibility development and relationship management, however a strong work ethic will also bring good results. Someone with a good work ethic, an established credibility and good relationships will 'clean up"!

So how does it work? Certainly not rocket science ...

1. The more opportunities that you have from clients, the more closes you will have! If you have a great recruiting engine the results will be even better.
2. The more meetings you have, the more opportunities you will get.
3. The more calls you put out the more meetings you will get.

If, as a sales person, you can buy in to this concept then you are half way to success! It really isn't much harder than that ... the work at the front end will drive the result at the end.

There are some obvious skills that will help:

1. Good cold calling capability will help with the calling.
2. Good meeting preparation will help drive productive meetings.
3. Good listening skills, note taking and asking the right questions will mean getting all of the required information to identify the right solutions.
4. Good follow up, attention to detail and sense of urgency will increase the close ratios.

What a great industry this is! We are in a hot market, with growing skills shortages and our sales teams should be having a ball! Go get them!