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How Do You Eat an Elephant?

We have all heard the answer to that question ... one bite at a time!

Generally people laugh politely and carry on with what they were doing, not giving this answer much thought. Yet many times we are faced with what seem like an overwhelming challenge, or a mound of work that seems to be daunting and this answer is dead on!

How do you tackle it?

The answer is to break the big problem into smaller manageable chunks. It really doesn't matter what you are trying to do the answer is the same.

If you work in the IT world then you would develop a project plan. You might even have methodologies that you would incorporate. Funny thing ... a methodology is really just a way to break down a project into manageable chunks in a logical manner.

If you are a sales person trying to break into a new large account ... there are a ton of things that you need to do. Just maybe you might employ a sales methodology!!! Imagine that!!! A structured approach to achieving a big goal ... who would have thought, sales people have methodologies too!

If you want to travel around the world ... you can develop a plan that you build over time. Start with an outline and add detail as it comes together.

If you want to build a shed ... you can develop a plan. Each task small enough to complete in a structured manner such that when it is finished the roof is on top, the door opens and it is situated where you want!

If you want to raise money to build a new church, want to add a million new subscribers to your service, want to become an astronaut or whatever ... the way to get there is the same. Develop a plan comprised of tasks that are very achievable!

Now all you have to do is dream up that big project ... then you can test this theory!