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Look After Yourself!

I was just in the office kitchen grabbing a coffee and my mind was running along at 100 miles an hour, thinking about a number of different subjects. As I was leaving I glanced at the notice board and there was a little poster called the Journey of Life.

We ALL need to be reminded every now and then about what is important and the subtitle to the poster says ... Ten Common Sense Principles for Reducing Stress in our Lives.

I thought I would share them with you ...

1. Do not exaggerate the negative in your life.
2. Do not replay bad experiences over and over again.
3. Choose to function with a positive attitude whenever possible.
4. Learn to break out of your reactive modes.
5. Be aware of the quality of your self-talk.
6. Learn to create positive images in your mind when you face new challenges.
7. Learn to let things go.
8. Accept the things you cannot change.
9. Take ownership of your day before you leave home.
10 Never lose your sense of humour.

The poster finishes with this point.
Before I can take good care of anyone or anything, I must first take good care of myself!