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Making Better Use of Time

Over the life of this blog I have written numerous times about the importance of "time management". I blogged about developing positive habits, setting goals and other related topics. I have even mentioned David Allen and his Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology previously.

Today I want to point you at a practical place on David Allens' website for quick hits in increasing productivity. He has a section called Tips and Tools which includes such useful "stuff" as a list of all the shortcuts to use in Windows, a starter list for when you travel and a bunch of other useful ideas.

The web is a great source of ideas for saving time and increasing productivity. I think that the goal is to be able to achieve more in the time that is available. It applies equally to home life as well as work life. We only get one chance at this, so make the most of it!

Perhaps if you were to take 15 minutes every week just to find a new "productivity tip" that you could implement, I think it would be a good use of that time!