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May IT Industry News

I try to post to this blog most business days however some weeks can be tougher than others! Last week I was out of town at an Industry Association board meeting and symposium for a couple of days, so I missed posting on Wednesday and Thursday. I did however catch up on Friday.

Once a month I blog about my ICT industry news update that can be found here at the Eagle website. My goal with this summary is to provide a useful review of industry news that cuts out the marketing updates and focuses on the real news.

The following is a synopsis of what you will find in this month's review, hope you find it useful.

The month of May brought some interesting, and big dollar, M&A activity. Alltel, the 5th largest cell phone company in the US. went for $27.5 Billion and probably equally interesting is that the purchasers were financing companies Goldman Sachs and Texas Pacific Group. Microsoft made its largest acquisition ever, paying $6 Billion for aQuantive, an internet advertising company. Acxiom was sold for $3 Billion, and again to equity firms as opposed to competition or industry players. Other interesting activity saw Oracle buy Agile Software for $495 million, Myspace paid reputedly $250 million for Photobucket and Tibco paid $195 million for Spotfire.

In other news Computer Associates seems to still be in job cutting mode, having completed its cutback of 1,700 jobs it appears there is more to come. Software piracy advocates are making some progress but tell us that still 35% of software on PCs is not bought legally. Speaking of illegal activity, the FBI tell us that the "malware" business is bigger than the "drug business" at $8 billion a year! I really enjoyed reading about some resume blunders from career builder ... the "small pig" was my favorite! Until next month!