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More nagging about goals ... with no apologies!

Here we are, fast approaching the half way point in the year. By now I'm guessing that more than 90% of those people who set goals for themselves this year will have forgotten them, let them slide or just plain given up.

For those who are still on track ... amazing, well done! I have no doubt that you are people who are in control of their own lives.

For the large majority who are not still pursuing goals ... its not too late! Now is a great time to start, re-start or just re-commit.

Why do people stop ...

1. It is hard. Yes, but nothing in life comes without a price.
2. No time. A myth. If it is important then you will find time.
3. Can't decide what the goals should be. It doesn't really matter, just develop the habit by setting easy goals, meeting them and the re-setting. Eg. I will exercise for at least 20 minutes, twice a week ... anybody can do this.
4. Forgot about them. No problem ... write them down and develop a habit to revisit them every week (write it in your planner, calendar or whatever else you might use)

Here are some previous blog entries on this subject.

I wrote this blog just before the New Year, but the principles apply anytime!
This blog entry was from Michael Paquin who I quote often, and was written early January.
This early May blog entry was a reminder that you can start anytime and gave some tips for getting going.

Remember ... if you set goals and develop a plan to achieve them then you will be taking control of your life, rather than just coasting! Goals do not have to be about work, they can be about anything important to you, but once you discover their power you will get hooked!