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More on Self-Motivation ...

I have a very small collection of newspaper articles that are meaningful to me. I don't revisit them often, but I do have a file folder in my desk with the title KEVIN's MOTIVATION containing these articles.

Obviously this is a very personal thing and different things will inspire different people. I adopted the reverse psychology approach for this file ... these are stories that would NEVER be about Kevin Dee!

One headline (without naming names) refers to someone as a "Lame duck CEO", just after a local Ottawa company had gone into bankruptcy. Another is a headline of a local entrepreneur that reads "Rebel to Rubble" and again refers to a failed company. I also have articles that talk about executives who have fallen foul of the law in recent years.

These are reminders to me that I need to keep working hard to be successful, I can never become complacent.

What articles would inspire you?

- Perhaps stories articles about successful people?
- Maybe you would get a lift from stories about good deeds?
- Stories about heroism or great sacrifice might motivate.
- Perhaps stories reminding you about the freedoms others do not have?
- Stories about dictators, about civil war and famine might remind you how good we have it here in Canada.
- Maybe stories about yourself when you won awards.

There are so many stories in the papers everyday there must be some that will touch you in a way that you could use to motivate yourself! Try it!