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Staying Motivated

It is hard to be always "up"! It is very hard to always be the cheerleader! Everybody has "off" days, or has periods when life seems to be an uphill battle. So what can you do?

Here are some ideas ...

1. Focus on the positive.
2. Make a list of everything that is right in your life and keep that handy for these moments! Add to it when you can ... and enjoy how long that list gets!
3. Keep things in perspective. If your bad day is because of death or impending death then it is really a bad day, all else pales in comparison.
4. Take control. Get the "To Do" list updated, prioritize the items and knock them off. It is a very satisfying feeling to whittle down a significant list of tasks.
5. Decide to be Positive. Make it a conscious choice and only allow positive thoughts into your conscious.
6. Smile. Even if you need to force it! It is hard to be in a bad mood if you are smiling.

It is amazing how in this society, where we all have so much, we can get depressed! There is war, famine and disease in so many places around the world. Dictatorships restrict freedoms and cultures suppress personal choices. In our society people get down because they have to work for a living, or because the traffic is bad, or their hockey team lost a game ... perspective is a wonderful thing.

I've said it before in these blogs, and I'll keep saying it ... Walk fast and Smile!