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When at Work ... Work!

I have given advice like this before. Last year about this time I wrote a blog aimed at people who are New to the Workforce. One of the rules I had in there was to not bring personal "baggage" to the office. This message has also been buried in numerous blogs about focus, productivity and balance.

Today's entry is dedicated more to my opinion that suggests we need to keep the different parts of our lives in separate compartments. That is not to say there can't be "crossover", but mixing those different parts will create issues.

Kevin's rules for work:

1. Create a "professional" work demeanor, that is your "work self".
2. Keep your personal issues far away from work.
3. Its OK to be friends with people at work ... but when you are at work they are colleagues, not friends.
4. If you have large projects happening at home be very careful not to play them up. The perception can easily be created that your focus is there instead of work.
5. If you are having a bad day because of personal issues, then put on your professional work "mask" and focus on work. Deal with the home stuff when you are at home!

Some rules for home:

1. Try not to let work "invade" your home life.
2. It is fine to talk about work at home, but the focus should be on your home life.
3. Pick a time after which you turn off the blackberry.
4. Don't complain to your spouse/kids/friends about work stuff.

I am not suggesting this is easy, or is always even possible. Having said that, if you can get as close to this as possible you will reduce unnecessary stress and will benefit by being focused on work when at work and home when there. Good for everyone!