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When You NEED a Friend!!!

There are definitely times when we all need a friend. No matter how self sufficient you are you will find yourself at a point where you need to rely upon someone else.

This is true for people but it is ALSO true for companies … if you are in business, or in sales you NEED to think about that statement.

What could be more powerful than to be able to do a client a favour? Do you think they will be grateful? Do you think it is a great way to build loyalty? What a fabulous opportunity!

I have said before in previous blog entries that when a tough situation arises the opportunity is there for a company (a sales person) to build a great relationship. There will always be issues, but it is how you deal with them that will define your success.

Some time back I wrote about the need to work at relationships, and how rewarding it can be if you are willing to do what it takes to make it work. I recently wrote a blog entry about the power of networking and how with effort you can build great relationships, but that effort is usually over an extended period of time. Building credibility, establishing rapport and eventually enjoying a strong relationship.

The situation where a company or a person needs a friend, and that friend “comes through” for them, has to be one of the best ways to QUICKLY establish a lasting relationship! When you or your company is in that vulnerable position and that “friend” does not help then that is a great way to kill any chance at a relationship!

The lesson for the day is that given a chance to demonstrate friendship … take it!

If you are in that vulnerable position where you need a friend … good luck!