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Your Brain

Imagine that you are talking with a colleague and they tell you that they are suffering from headaches. They can't seem to fix it, they try aspirin and every over-the-counter medicine possible. They try acupuncture, yoga, meditation and every form of relaxation possible ... they can't seem to get rid of the headaches. So you are sympathetic and ask a few questions ...

When did they start?
Oh about six months ago.
Was there anything that started them?
I think it might be related to my head banging.
Well I bang my head against a brick wall every day for about an hour.
It was what my boss told me to do ... or I read it in a book ... I learned the technique in a course ... or I have always done that!
Did you see if another approach might stop the headaches?
Why not?
I've always done it this way!

How ludicrous does this sound? I agree! Lunacy ... yet I see this in action every day!!! Not the physical head banging, but the metaphorical head banging.

How many salespeople do you know that never seem to connect with the people they need to meet?
But I called them twice!
Or how many recruiters can't connect with the key candidates they need to fill their job orders?
But I sent emails, they just didn't reply!
How about the managers who can't get results?
But I told them what I want!

Generally one of the lessons I have learned in life is that there are a lot of people in the world who will not think for themselves. They are not inherently stupid people, but they don't apply their brains to the problems they face in the workplace!
One piece of great news from that is that if you are one of the people that does apply their brain then you will be better than 90% of your coworkers. You will get the promotions, win the prizes and get the raises because of that one thing.

Are you the salesperson who will be persistent, who will call at different times, who will try multiple approaches, will try creative approaches, who will not give up until they get that meeting?

Are you the recruiter who do the same when chasing candidates? Are you the one the candidates will come to because they know you will give them good advice, will represent them well and always be professional?

Are you the manager who will work with your staff to meet goals, will set measurable and achievable targets and hold your staff accountable?

The world is full of the people with headaches! Frankly they give me a headache!!! The only good thing about them is that they show the good ones how competent they are!!!

Don't be a head banger!!! THINK!!! THINK!!! THINK!!!