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Your List of "Things to be Thankful For"

In my previous blog I suggested listing all of the things for which you should be thankful, and keeping that list up to date. Here are some thoughts on that list.

What reminds you about why you should be thankful, why you should be happy?

This is the list that you need to create just for you. You will pull it out regularly to remind yourself about all the positives in your life and to add new events. It will be especially important for those inevitable times when you are feeling a little down or de-motivated.

Here are some examples of what you might include ...

Your family ... List each one by name and why you are so proud of them.
Your career ... your achievements, your experiences, the things that make you who you are today.
Your home ... do you own it? Have you improved it? Do you have plans? When will it be paid off? Is it better than when you started out ... better than when you were a kid?
Your community involvement ...
Your friends ...
Your health ... what is good.
Your education ... things you have achieved
Your faith ... if this is important to you there may be aspects of which you are proud.

This list can become a great list of things to be thankful for!!!!