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Each month at Eagle we celebrate our top performers. Their pictures are posted in all the offices, as CEO I call each of them personally to congratulate them on their achievement and to thank them for their efforts. I also send them a hand written card and they get some goodies as reward for a job well done. In order to get this award they need to achieve extraordinary success for the month, over and above just "doing their job".

In previous blog entries I have talked about time management and goal setting techniques that involve rewarding yourself for meeting milestones, or objectives. A celebration of personal success. It can be as small as a special coffee or maybe leaving work a few minutes early ... but celebrating can feel good.

In our culture we celebrate birthdays, although as we get older the celebration can become more a drowning of sorrows! We celebrate special holidays, weddings, births, anniversaries and any number of things.

It is a good thing to celebrate success, but sometimes the celebrations can be a little "funny". This week we celebrated Canada Day and South of the border they are celebrating the 4th of July. Both of these are celebrations of the birth of nations ... but as a Brit, that has to be a little "bitter sweet". This was brought home by my son who, while spending some time with his British relatives decided to toast Canada day ... while in Britain. It seemed a little irreverent to him to be sipping a pint to toast independence from England, while sitting in an English pub. No matter, he quickly "got over it" and enjoyed his drink!

So ... I think the moral should be to seek out reasons for celebration. The best reasons for me are achievements ... but it seems that there are many of us who don't need a really good reason to celebrate, as long as it feels (or tastes) good!