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Persistence ... the Way to Reach Your Goal?

I received my regular communication from Kit Grant this week and his focus this month is on persistence, perhaps even "self belief". The premise being that if you believe in what you are doing, and keep working at it, then you will achieve your goal eventually.

The following is Kit's message ...

"Good actions get good results in time." ... Dr. Denis Waitley.

How many people could have succeeded if they had been willing to persist and make even one more attempt at what they are doing? Our efforts seldom produce immediate results whether it be in business or elsewhere.
So ... don't give up just because you have encountered some roadblocks. The reason so many people aren't getting the results they want is because they expect instant gratification - keep working, look for alternative ways to do something, but don't lose sight of your goal. Oh yeah ... it really helps if you have a goal in the first place!

A little while ago I wrote about the extraordinary persistence of Abraham Lincoln in overcoming huge setbacks to eventually become President of the United States. Not too many of us will ever achieve that kind of success, but the same principles apply for even the moderate success most of us aspire to.

I have written blogs several times about the importance of setting goals. It is difficult to know if you have achieved your aims if you don't know what they are! In addition, once you have a goal then you can create an action plan to get there (also known as a road map).

As always, I like the way Kit thinks and he cuts to the chase with his messages. I truly believe that many of us underachieve in life because we are not willing to work hard, to learn, to apply a good process that will get us where we want to be. This is NOT about success in a career (although it could be) it is about success in living a meaningful life, whatever that means to you!

If you can get passionate about something then you are really living ... try it! PLUS, if you are passionate then you won't let anything stand in the way of achieving your goal!