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Sales Lessons from CPSA

I have mentioned previously some of the benefits of belonging to the Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA). There are hotel and rental car discounts that can very quickly pay for the very reasonable annual membership fee of a little over $100. There are other benefits including access to great sales resources, but one of my favorites is the emailed newsletter which almost always provides some great articles. These can be reminders of things you knew, data to support your sales strategies or even newer ideas to try out.

The latest newsletter included an article by Paul Cherry who is President of the Philadelphia-based sales and leadership firm Performance Based Results and the author of QUESTIONS THAT SELL, published by AMACOM Books. Paul can be reached at 302-478-4443 or e-mailed at

Cherry's article lists six common sales mistakes around situations where the process has gone off the rails. He talks about ...

1. Sales people reacting badly, or not reacting (same thing), because they worry about the client's reaction.
2. Sales people who take the situation personally.
3. Sales people who don't listen.
4. Those sales situation where maybe you should just walk away.
5. Situations where the salesperson blames others for issues instead of accepting responsibility for the company they represent.
6. Sales people who treat all situations with the one size fits all answer. (Very often the ... I'll drop my price answer!)

CPSA provides great value and part of that value is access to articles from sales leaders like Paul Cherry.