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Winning Business Through Your Network!

Over the past week or two I have had meeting with a number of very senior, and very successful people in the technology space and I am always impressed by the number of senior people they know and their knowledge of accounts and activities in their "space". All of these people work very hard, (but make it seem effortless), at developing and maintaining these high level relationships. In addition, they are almost always willing to give help, in the knowledge that "if you give then you will receive". That is a powerful concept!

I have written a number of blog entries around the topic of networking, the Power of Networking and Relationships Take Work are a couple of entries that I wrote.

Just over a week ago I was at an event where Danny Cahill was the keynote speaker. Danny, in addition to being a speaker also runs a successful staffing company. One of the (many) interesting observations he had was the way that technology has influenced the staffing industry. Today, through social networking tools like Linked In and even to some degree Facebook people are able to develop and maintain a very large network of contacts. The success people are having with these tools is phenomenal and depending upon the demographic you are working with they can be the preferred choice of contact!

Whatever method works for you it is clear that in order to be successful, salespeople and businesspeople need to work at their networks. The stronger the relationships the better the chances of long term success.

Certainly these recent meeting have left me second guessing my own network ... am I out enough? Am I doing enough to maintain my network? Am I giving enough value to my network? These are good questions for me ... and if you are serious about success then you should probably be asking them too!