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Be Positive ... and Live Longer!

I often write about attitude and the need to be positive. One of my favorite sayings in "Walk Fast and Smile" ... the simple message being that by doing those two things you will project energy and positive enthusiasm.

One of my favorite blog entries last year was about Life and the Pursuit of Happiness ... written shortly after picking up my latest motorbike, which STILL brings a huge grin to my face!

We all need a reminder every now and then to focus on the positive in our lives and one of the little "nudges" I get is a little booklet called "Bits & Pieces", which is delivered monthly. It contains quotes, stories and other motivational items, and takes just a few minutes to scan.

Here is a quick one from a recent copy ... a study of nuns for 50 years concludes that people with a positive attitude outlive their counterparts by 10 years! I suppose if you are a miserable person then you might be happy to die younger ... me, I'm gonna keep smiling and walking fast!