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Canadian Business Opportunity ... eh?

Every now and then I think I need to write a blog entry that is a little off the wall. Today is one of those days! I'm not going to tell you about great attitude, or about the customer service faux pas of an unnamed (for now) Eagle supplier... or even how to find great staffing companies!

Today I'm going to tell you that if you want to get a passport for another country it would appear that is not a big problem ... for a price! So maybe there is a Canadian business opportunity!

I'm a little naive in the matters of politics, and certainly I would never suggest that the odd politician might be less than 100% on the "up and up" ... but I came across this little story in the economist. It was called Citizenship for Sale and was dated February 2007, not so long ago!

There were several countries named but it appears that the bargain basement passport comes from Dominica, where for something less than $100,000, citizenship can be had.

Now I have an entrepreneurial spirit and I'm thinking to myself that based upon both GDP, and population, Canada's citizenship has to be worth $350,000! Let alone the fact that it is one of the nicest places in the world to live ... when its not Winter (did I say that?)!

Hmmm ... so we could easily create a new city somewhere in this vast land and add 250,000 new citizens! This could create a nice windfall of some $8Billion or so for the Canadian economy. All that is needed is a good staffing company that could take this concept and for a very reasonable fee we could add another centre of Canadian culture, fuelled with rich people!

Now there is an innovative business notion! (I did say this would be an "off the wall" posting)!