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Communicate with Your Clients

Some time ago I wrote an entry about lessons to be learned from Air Canada. Air Canada has a capability to be very exasperating to Canadian travelers and has a reputation among frequent travelers for less than stellar customer service. Of course the options in Canada are often limited!

Over the past year I have had dealings with a supplier that have left me speechless, and that is a significant feat! This is a company that over promises and under delivers ... consistently! This is a company that truly believes in treating its clients consistently ... badly! This is a company that makes every mistake in the book ... and still they are in business.

Here are some lessons from a company that makes Air Canada look like gods ...

1. Communicate with your clients.

2. Set expectations and meet those expectations.

3. When something goes wrong ... communicate with the client.

4. If the client calls you ... return the call.

5. If your client is upset say "sorry".

6. If the client needs you to do something, at the very least ... communicate with the client.

7. If the client's CEO calls your CEO, make sure your CEO does not ignore the client!

8. If your company direction changes and negatively impacts a client ... communicate with that client.

9. If you are on a conference call with the client do not cut them off every time they try to speak ... communication with a client means listening as well as talking.

10. When the client finally gives up on your company ask them why ... I'm sure they will communicate back!