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July IT Industry News

This is my monthly look at what transpired in the ICT industry. I publish more detail on the Eagle website, and it should be up there in the next 24 hours.

In July last year (2006) there were a few "billion dollar" M&A deals, AMD bought ATI for $5.4B, HP bought Mercury Interactive for $4.5B and EMC paid $2.1B for RSA Security. Microsoft was fined $350M by the EU for abusing its "near monopoly" and Kazaa paid $100M + to settle its file sharing lawsuits.

So, what about July 2007?

What do you know, its HP again writing the big cheque ... this time $1.6B to buy Opsware! The other $1B deal created a top 10 European outsourcer, when French company Steria bought British company Xansa. IBM bought its way into the business intelligence world, paying $160M for Datamirror and Google strengthened its capabilities to challenge Microsoft office by adding Postini for a cool $625M. Dell, Yahoo and Facebook were also out shopping this month!

In other news the ex-Qwest CEO was jailed for insider trading and Monster is cutting costs by laying off 800 workers. ran a "wasting time survey" which shows that the average worker wastes 1.7 hours every day when they are supposed to be working! There were some signs of the coming shortages with an Indian study indicating major shortages of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled resources in India; IT employment in the US is running at a seven year high and Canadian IT staffing levels are due to grow 12% this year ... but employers won't be hiring new grads (so how does our IT workforce grow?)! It was also nice to see low turnover amongst Fortune 100 CEOs ... people like me put a lot of faith in the fact we own the company to keep our jobs!!

That's what is happening in our world over the last month ... for those of us in the Northern hemisphere enjoy the warm weather and long may it last!