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New Business Ideas

I think that every entrepreneur would love to come up with that new and innovative business idea that is so disruptive to the established players that it would create a new paradigm and huge opportunity.

Some time ago I wrote about the SpringWise website which features some really innovative businesses and ideas for businesses. Just visiting this site gets the creative “juices” flowing and the ideas start to percolate.

There have been a few books on this kind of subject …

Blindsided … by Jim Harris is one I read some time ago. It talks about real life examples of companies that have “blindsided” their competitors through disruptive ideas or technology. One of the prime examples being Napster, which has created lasting change. The music and movie industries are still grappling (some say badly) with the repercussions of Napster.

Becoming a Category of One … by Joe Calloway is another example of books in this space. This idea is a little different, but again talks about a disruptive approach to business that will cause a business to rise above all its competitors and become not just the leader in its category, but in effect a category of its own.

Blue Ocean Strategy … by W. Chan Kimand Renée Mauborgne is a great example of this kind of book. This book talks about companies that have redefined their markets to become a new market. Cirque du Soleil is a great example where the old circus concept was reinvented to create a new concept that has become a world beater.

Business 2.0 magazine has a feature on CNN Money and I was just reviewing a list of 15 companies that they see as potential disruptors. Many different industries, different ideas and concepts but always original thought … I love it! The article is called the Next Disruptors, features 10 companies and then list 5 more up and comers!

I hope you enjoy these glimpses into the companies of tomorrow as much as I do.