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Sometimes There are Not Enough Hours in the Day

I have spent a good deal of time on this blog talking about time management. In February 2006 I talked about Mondays and how many people can be unproductive particularly on Mondays because of a lack of organization.

In July last year I talked about goals (I actually talked about goals several times) and how they help you to take charge of your life! I talked about goals for 2007 back in January.

There was my 10 Practical tips to Manage Time from last September.

In May, following a week of vacation I talked about getting organized after being out of the office.

You would think with all that knowledge to share with the world I wouldn't have any problems handling my own workload ... wrong! Sometimes there really just are not enough hours in the day! So what to do?

Steven Covey's "First things First" theorem breaks activities down into 4 quadrants!

1. Activities that are Important and Urgent.
2. Activities that are Important and Not Urgent
3. Activities that are Not Important but Urgent
2. Activities that are Not Important and Not Urgent

So ... when all else fails, even though I should be trying to work in quadrant two, I am VERY focused on quadrant one activities. I am also very aware that I could be a workaholic, so I also find it important to set a limit for myself on how late I am prepared to work. That can change based upon circumstance, importance of the workload and other commitments.

Today is one of those quadrant one days ... Gotta run!