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A Night with Young Entrepreneurs!

Last night I gave a brief (very brief) chat on the topic of success and achieving success in your career. The group is the Young Business Network here in Ottawa, and it was my second time with this group.

It is always a pleasure to talk with engaged, exciting, energetic and intelligent young people. That is exactly what this group is and if they are the leaders of the future then I think we will be in good hands. Sometimes it is easy for those of us "grey hairs" to get down on the younger generations but these are very impressive people.

There were three speakers and I of course was the "old guy" in the crowd!

Adrian Salamunovic is a 32 year old serial entrepreneur whose current company is the very fascinating DNA 11, a company that creates original artwork based upon your DNA. This is a company with a 400% growth rate and a client base around the world! Adrian's focus was on practical hints to help young people through a start up ... and he has come from the school of hard knocks which gives him the right to offer advice! Adrian has always been entrepreneurial and that is in stark contrast to my early days as a serious beer drinking Royal Navy "grunt"!

Kim Dixon is another "young un" so I don't know how she got 20 years of work experience (must have started young)! What a dynamo! This lady has done it all, has several degrees has worked for public and private companies and currently is VP Marketing with a very successful Ottawa based company Talkswitch. Talkswitch sells an affordable PBX for small business ... to help small look big! In her spare time, when she is not with her kids Kim has started a small "cosmetics" company selling an innovative product called "Momspit". I thought I was a busy person till I heard what this lady does!

The focus of my few minutes was Kevin's theory of the Keys (KEAS) of Success which I blogged about some time ago. Despite my British pronunciation of the word "buckets" people did seem to understand what I was talking about.

This is a group that will see a lot of success and they are doing the right things by networking and listening to ideas from people that have achieved some level of success.

So ... Happy First Anniversary to the YBN and good luck for the future.