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A Time Management Hiccup!

Some people form an impression of me that just because I blog about efficiency and passion and all the good traits that successful people have, then surely I must be an expert on these things.

In fact there probably isn't a day goes by where I waste a minute. I probably leap tall buildings and type a quick memo while doing so, because otherwise I might be something more akin to mortal ... and of course THAT could never be!

Well here is a Newsflash ... like just about everybody else in the world I have some times that are less productive than others. Today was one of those days when I seemed to shift (virtual) paperwork around and seemed to spend my time "waiting" rather than "doing"! I got to the end of the day and realised that I had not accomplished many of the things on my plate.

Running a company (or anything else) does require discipline when it comes to time, because it is incredibly easy to let the day drive you rather than the other way around. Today I made a number of classic mistakes, and in the back of my brain I knew I was doing it ... but I didn't listen to that little voice, so I was left feeling a little unsatisfied at the end of the day.

What to do about it?

1. Its OK! Its not OK if its a daily habit, but it is OK to slip every now and then as long as you get things back under control quickly.
2. There are all sorts of good time management tips that are available on the internet or in courses we have all done over the years ... and I wrote a blog entry about making better use of time a little while back which may have some ideas for you (and me).
3. My plan of attack will be to get my "To Do" list fully up to date tonight. It will have all of my tasks; it will have some kind of priority assigned to each; it will have phone numbers where necessary; it will address all of the different "projects" currently on my plate.
4. I will set some time in my calendar to check email for urgent items first thing.
5. I will then set aside some time for making calls, close my door and go at it!
6. I have a couple of presentations to develop so I will set aside time for those.
7. I will put my phone on call forward and I will turn off my email so I am not distracted.
8. I will set aside time in my calendar mid morning, before noon and a couple of times in the afternoon to return calls and check emails.

By end of day tomorrow I will be back on track, and feeling good about it. Personally I get a kick out of accomplishing a lot, it feels good to mark those tasks completed!

Good time management skills are important for anyone these days. We are deluged with emails, we are asked to do more with less and the demands on our time seem to increase both at work and at home. I firmly believe that if you can develop good time management habits they will help you to be successful in your career but also to be more content in your home life. Got to go and fix my To Do list!