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Business Travel Is Not ALL Bad

Like many people I spend a fair bit of time in airplanes and have upon occasion had something to say about business travel! In May last year I talked about the fact that business travel wasn't really very glamorous, and in April this year I talked about the scheduling hassles of a business trip.

Many of my trips are to Toronto which is a short one hour gate to gate jaunt, and over the past year I have been taking advantage of Porter's service to the Toronto Island. The Porter service is great, the Island airport location saves time and the whole experience is generally good.

One of the wildcards in business travel is the people you meet. Business travel can be very tiring so it is common to see lots of tired faces catching the flights home at the end of the day, or early flights out.

I have met many interesting people over the years, which makes up for "other" occasions! Last week I was sitting next to a young Ottawa entrepreneur who is quite a success story ... but flying "under the radar".

Corinne Lavictoire is CEO of a company called Inevitable Exodus and spotted an opportunity about 7 years ago to establish a company that could walk people through the very tough process of being the executor of a will. (Having been through it a couple of times I can say that I wish I had known about Corinne's company!) She travels around North America (speaking of business travel) promoting her company and giving presentations on this topic.

It is always fun to talk with other business owners about the issues we all face. Talking with someone who has that entrepreneurial passion for their work really makes the time fly by (literally). It was cool to discuss the similar challenges we have faced and the ongoing battle of growing a successful business while still having a life!

So, this was a positive business travel story and I was reminded of the importance of passion and how it can really shine through in any conversation ... even on a 7am flight!