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Down time!

I am currently enjoying a week's vacation and trying hard to "chill". Maybe work life has been hectic for a long time, but it seems to me that the intensity of "work" increases as the years go by. I find myself running harder, and longer than in previous years ... and this in turn means that when I take a break I need to make the most of it.

This week I took a couple of days at a beautiful spa resort near Grafton, Ontario called Ste Annes. I have never tried a spa resort and was a little apprehensive about the experience, it certainly isn't a "macho" thing to do! Was it going to suit this Liverpool born lad who grew up in working class England? I might just ruin my reputation forever!

It seems the years have mellowed me, or maybe it is the challenging business environment that prepped me ... but I have to say that after 3 days at Ste Anne's I am feeling quite relaxed and ready for a few more days of leisure before jumping back into the fray! The lack of Internet access or cellular service probably helped ... although it took some time to adjust!

I have blogged previously about the importance of health if you are a busy person. One blog entry focused on what I believe are the keys to success and one of them was "energy" which you can only have if you are healthy. To really be healthy you need to look after both body and mind ... a few days away from the grind helps!

So, be healthy ... and if you like spas Ste Annes is well worth a visit!