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The Benefits of ISO Registration

In June last year I wrote a blog entry about Eagle's foray into the world of ISO registration. A little more than a year later we just received the confirmation that we passed our first annual audit! I thought it was a good time to talk about what ISO has meant to Eagle.

We started the ISO journey with trepidation, hoping it would help us to be a better company, but worried that it might also "hamstring" us from also being a company that believes in continuous improvement. We had nothing to worry about!

That first year getting ready for the registration process was a stiff learning curve, but exactly what we needed to tighten up some processes that over ten years had become a little "loosey goosey", to put focus on quality and on the client!

We still have a lot to learn, which is one of the great things about ISO. We are still finding ways in which it helps us to identify weaknesses in our process, or helps us to improve quality. In the hyper-competitive world in which we operate its the little things that can really differentiate you from your competition and ISO is helping us with those little things.

I don't think there have been any negative connotations to this process, and we have definitely benefited in ways we could not have foreseen. The ISO system is not a system to meet the needs of the auditors it is a system to help you "tighten up" your company, and the auditors are a great source of knowledge to help with that process.

We waited ten years to do this, and we were ready for a change but we could probably have done it earlier and have benefited that much earlier too. If you or your company is considering going through the process I would encourage you to go for it. There are lots of advisers out there and we were very happy with the advice we got from the Business Development Bank and the professionalism of our auditor at Quasar.

Eagle is an ISO 9001:2000 company!