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To Blog or Not to Blog?

I have been a "blogger" since January 2006, a little more than a year and a half, the first blog entry being an update on the Canadian technology news for January 2006. This post will be my 382nd in that time, which is a lot of writing ... and a lot of thinking about what might interest people!

It is a good time to reflect upon the experience and comment upon whether it has been worthwhile, and given my busy schedule whether it has provided a good Return on that time Investment!

In May 2006 I wrote an entry about blogging, and gave some of the reasons why I thought it was a positive experience. Basically I feel the same today, although there have been times when a "mental block" makes the subject for the day elusive! Generally I'm not short of an opinion or two so it hasn't been a major problem!

There have been a few occasions where people have taken exception to my opinion and that created some dialogue, which I think is very healthy. I have had some people take the blog a little too seriously and I needed to let them know that really it is a forum for one person's opinion! Generally though, I don't get a lot of feedback although from the statistics it appears that about 100 people a day visit the blog ... sometimes more, sometime less ... so the content must create some level of interest.

I have to admit that years ago as a young salesperson I would have loved the opportunity to get a glimpse inside the head of a CEO. They always seemed so unapproachable, busy and intimidating to me in my early sales days. The reality is that we are busy, we can be intimidating but generally speaking we are business people with issues to solve and if you can help then we are likely to listen. So perhaps some young salespeople are getting ideas from the blog ... if that is the case then good for you!

The blog has been a good place to get some messages out about the staffing industry, which I believe is under appreciated and not well understood. It is almost a standing joke in our industry that nobody goes to college saying I want to be a staffing professional! Yet this is an industry that provides huge value to corporations and to individuals, offers great career opportunities and well paying jobs. We just have not been very good at promoting ourselves!

I have not overtly "sold" Eagle as a great IT staffing company, which of course it is! The objective has been to provide value to people with information and insight that might make people think perhaps the author runs a decent company! Its hard to know whether a client has ever contacted us because of the blog, and so it does make that "ROI" discussion difficult.

I know that Eagle staff read the blog ... and it is a great way to ensure that we are all on the same page, which is valuable to any company. I know that some contractors read it and hopefully it provides them some value and an occasional pearl of wisdom.

Some of the material we have incorporated into our training materials, particularly the sales related articles. So those articles have served double duty as blog entries and training materials. I have also had a couple of articles reproduced at various times, which again gives Eagle some good exposure.

By the act of blogging I have developed an interest in other bloggers and have found new sources of interesting material. It also forces me to keep up with my industry reading so that I can compile my monthly industry news updates.

Eagle has just finished its 11th fiscal year and as we go through the process of year end closing and new year preparations I also thought I should look at the activities that take my time and make sure that I am spending time in the right places. This blog does take some time, but I think the effort is worthwhile, I believe that the content provides value and so I'll keep blogging for a while longer! I hope you enjoy it ... at least some of the time!