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A Lesson from the Schoolyard?

I was sat in a doctor’s waiting room this morning … always a joy! Pinned up on a wall was a list of “Kid Rules” … the kind of rules kids would make in their uncomplicated world.

As I scanned through them I had to chuckle.

– Always leave room for dessert.
– Don’t pick on your sister when she is carrying a baseball bat.
– Don’t tell mom that her diet isn’t working.

It was a good reminder of a time when life was less complicated. While I wouldn’t want to be 8 years old again, I am a big fan of keeping life simple! One way to help this process is to develop some personal rules … and always apply them. They become your personal “core values” and define who you are. Once you have developed them, then every decision should follow those guidelines …

Here are some possible “personal core values” …

#1 … Kevin’s core values

– Always treat the other person the way you would want to be treated.
– Change the things you can … let the other stuff go.
– Do not look to receive … rather be “the giver”. Believe that rewards will follow!
– Leave everything a little better than you found it.

Other people might have a different set of core values …

#2 … Different core values! (not Kevin’s)

– Make as much money as possible.
– Win at all costs.
– Charity begins at home.
– Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

We all know people who have that second set of core values, and I don’t know about you but I don’t like them. However if they are true to those core values then they are at least consistently nasty, and probably good at what they do!

Core values are a personal thing, but they do help you to focus. Obviously everyone would come up with a slightly different list, and they could include anything of importance to that person. When we were kids those core values might have been a little different but if you create some rules to live by then it helps!