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Book Review - The Age of Speed

The Age of Speed by Vince Poscente

Nobody needs to tell you that the pace our world move at today is faster than ever, and it shows no sign of slowing down. Vince Poscente is a motivational speaker, a former Olympic skier and author of several books the latest being this Age of Speed.

His book talks about this phenomena, its affect upon us as businesses and as individuals. His conclusion is that in order to achieve success we need to embrace and harness the speed, but that does not have to mean we are giving up balance!

There are many examples of how companies have used sped to enhance their offerings and differentiate from competition. Chase Manhattan bank spent a great deal of money to reduce its ATM transaction time from 42 seconds to 24 seconds! What does that say about our patience? Netflix, when faced with expansion elected to invest in infrastructure that would assure its customers received DVDs within one business day 90% of the time. This was a decision that is considered critical in the success of a company that by 2006 grew to become a publicly traded corporation with 1,350 employees and almost $1 Billion in revenues!

Poscente talks about the individual using excellent time management techniques to ensure that tasks are handled with appropriate speed. He talks about the need for us each determine our own "alignment" of priorities and give the appropriate attention to the high priority items. Those could be in our personal or business lives ... and as Poscente points out those are very blurred lines these days. He suggests that multi tasking can actually diminish our effectiveness when working on activities that require 'brain power" ... but can be effective for the less demanding activities. Again ... we need to determine how to best use the resources we have in this age of speed.

This is not so much a book about time management as it is a book about "balance" or "alignment" where each of us (company or individual) needs to achieve that space which allows us to be competitive ... and effective.

It is an interesting read and Poscente is a compelling character, given his success. If, like me, you prefer the condensed versions before investing the time into a full book you can get this book at Executive Book Summaries!