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Exceed Your Own Expectations!

Once again, Kit Grant came to the rescue with a topic for today's blog. Kit often talks about motivation and, like me, he believes that we all are responsible for motivating ourselves. However, we all also need a little lift every now and then. That lift can come in the way of a wake up call or it can come in the way of a rejuvenation.

This past weekend Eagle had an All Staff meeting attended by more than 80 of our staff from across the country. What a great way to kick off our new fiscal year, spending a Friday and Saturday networking, having some fun, doing some training and getting consistent messages to the whole team.

Other than a few hangovers and the affects of cross Canada travel the team is excited about the possibilities and ready to "Exceed Expectations" ... which was the theme for this year's kickoff.

Sometimes we have to find other ways to get that kick start and one of them is to take some training, attend a conference or find some other way to stimulate yourself ... read on for Kit's thoughts.

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"Have a bias towards action let's see something happen now. You can break that big plan into small steps and take the first step right away." ... Indira Gandhi

I have just returned from a two day intensive sales seminar in Washington, DC and have a head full of new ideas and concepts just waiting for me to use! On the flight home I managed to read through 3/4 of one of the books I bought entitled Power and Soul which is a compilation of success stories by Alexandria Brown (the e-Zine Queen) outlining the steps taken by 42 successful entrepreneurs. These people are not necessarily any more talented nor intelligent than any of us and yet made the decision at some point to just get started. At least 5 of them were attending the same program so I got to meet and talk with each of them. Some have had terrible experiences in their lives and have overcome huge obstacles.

Hey, I cannot even use that excuse! Can you? Well, move on and get things done ... you might surprise yourself. Just hanging around positive folks can energize you, who are you spending your time with? It's been said you are the sum total of the 5 people you associate with the most. Hey, that could be a clue!!

At the front of the seminar room this past weekend was a huge banner with a quote from marketing expert Bill Glazer that said, "The biggest difference between an average income and financial freedom is ... implementation." And yep, that's pretty much absolutely true!! I meet so many people when I speak at events plus my own coaching clients and SILVER and GOLD Inner Circle members who ALREADY know what they need to do and yet stand in their own way of success.

I have been guilty of that same process more times than I can count which is one of the reasons I attend programs such as this past weekend to give myself a personal kick in the butt! So who is kicking you to get started? A couple of our GOLD Members recently related steps they had taken to implement change in their personal and professional lives with great results. It's really neat to see what one can accomplish when you just start! Yes, I've already heard the "But you don't understand. My situation is completely different." excuse for waiting. Who's situation isn't different?? That's your first hurdle. Get rid of that belief system and you'll be on your way.

I now have a new list of action steps I'm implementing this week. Each of us chooses what we do, so why not give it 100%. Some of us take ourselves much too seriously so lighten up and take action. Make something good happen now.