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Make it Happen!

Kit Grant sent his newsletter the other day and it was again about personal responsibility and the fact that we are all responsible for our own actions.

It is amazing to hear managers complain that their staff did not do something they should have done, or sales people complain that they didn’t make their numbers because their clients were “quiet”. There are always a million and one excuses why things don’t happen … the reality is things WILL happen if you take ownership and MAKE them happen.

Managers are responsible for their own area … if there is a problem (a) be aware of it (b) take responsibility for it and (c) fix it!

Sales people are responsible for their numbers … if the phone doesn’t ring it does not mean that your clients are not buying! If the emails don’t come in with orders it doesn’t mean your competition are not getting orders. Get out in front of your clients and MAKE it happen!

As the CEO of this company I am ultimately responsible for all aspects of the business. If we fall short it is me who has failed and it is up to me to fix it. I empower my management team to be responsible for their various areas , but if those areas are not performing it is ultimately up to me to fix it!

If anything that you are responsible for is not working then YOU need to fix it! Once you accept that fact you will be (a) successful and (b) much more in control of your life!

Read what Kit has to say on the subject …

Monday, October 15this National Grouch Day so if you’re a fan of Oscar The Grouch on Sesame Street, you should fit in very easily. Actually, some people celebrate this day almost every day which is probably not nearly as funny! I have discovered and come to admit that I am about as happy as I make up my mind to be whether it’s about personal or business stuff. Sure, some “bad stuff” happens from time to time but dwelling only on that prevents you from enjoying most of the good stuff. As my friend and speaking colleague, Darci Lang, says … “You need to focus on the 90% which is usually pretty good and not let the 10% which might be bad drag you down.” So … have some fun on National Grouch Day and then let it go!

“Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking your potential.” … Winston Churchill (hey, wasn’t he also the guy who said “We will never give up!”)? Far too many people want instant results these days and are often disappointed to learn just how much effort successful people in any walk of life have put into reaching their goals and realizing their potential. Yes, it’s hard!! That’s precisely why so many are unwilling to do it and then want others to look after them. Don’t give up on your dreams, goals and desires because it takes a lot of work … you’ll enjoy the payoff even more when you get there. The biggest detriment to my success has always been me. Stop blaming others or circumstances beyond your control. Take action and create your own results.