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Managing Responsibilities

Currently I am suffering from guilt syndrome. My Irish Catholic upbringing ensures that I come by the tendency honestly ... but its amazing how many cultures say the same!

As a business leader there are multiple responsibilities that I have and which I accept. Sometimes (all the time) competing priorities collide and choices have to be made. When one or more of those responsibilities suffers is when the guilt thing kicks in.

In my industry association capacity I have taken ownership of our biggest initiative for this year and probably for years to come. The general goal is to raise the awareness of our industry and make us a "household name". In order to get there we need to mobilize a number of volunteers, implement a plan and the execute on that plan. I have no doubt that we will enjoy success and the great stories this industry has, will be told ... the problem is that I am taking too long to get going!

This is also United Way campaign time and my role on the Major Gifts committee is to encourage other business leaders to be both generous and visible in their giving, in order to encourage everyone to give. Again, I am behind on my schedule but working on it.

Oh ya ... I have a day job too! We completed one of our quarterly planning sessions this week and there are a number of exciting initiatives under way. Of course my "To Do" list just expanded and I have to knuckle down prepare business plans, develop action plans and execute.

So, time management is my only crutch in this craziness. I have always attributed good time management techniques to any success that I have had and in this role if i don't manage my time, instead of letting it drive me, then I am toast!

Jim Estill is another CEO who blogs, and he places a high emphasis on time management. His blog is worth a visit.

David Allen's website is a wealth of information on the topic. David's company is behind the well known time management technique "Getting Things Done" or GTD.

I have also blogged about time management in the past ... once about time management for sales in particular. Another time about multi-tasking and also a blog with 10 tips to manage time.

I will meet my responsibilities, but I am going to have to be very disciplined to get there!

"Give it to a busy person and it will get done!"