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Physical Changes that Increase Confidence

One of the little update letters that I get comes from Patricia Katz who has a practice that focuses on helping people to get balance in their life. Her newsletter is called the Pause newsletter and you can subscribe to it at her website.

Sometimes the topics can be a little "warm and fuzzy" for my liking, but quite often they do make me think. The latest one related some advice from a reader ... "Look up when you walk. When you focus on looking up you feel more positive and much more a part of the world".

I related to that advice because I believe that you can affect your mood both positively and negatively by physical things that you do. Here are some examples that come to mind.

1. Do you ever catch yourself slouching, it could be sitting in a chair at work or home, it could be standing up at the office. When I see someone slouching I immediately think low energy, and when I catch myself slouching I FEEL low energy! When I consciously throw my shoulders back and stretch up it makes me feel better and certainly when I see people "walking tall" they give me an impression of being energized.

2. Smiling. People that smile are approachable, positive influences in the lives of those around them. People want to be with happy people! Alternatively a frown is a real "turn off", it suggests an unhappy person, and nobody seeks out the unhappy person if they can help it! If I find myself frowning I can consciously feel better if I force the smile ... and once I start smiling its easier to keep it up.

3. Looking up, like Patricia's reader says to me speaks of confidence. When someone is staring at their shoes the impression I have is that they are not assertive, they are not going to come forward with ideas and answers rather they are waiting to be told the answer. If you force yourself to look people in the eye, to look out at life then you will exude a confidence that will positively affect you.

4. My other favorite is "walking fast". I am of the opinion that people who walk with purpose will bring that same energy to everything that they do. The act of walking fast sets the pace and that will permeate your work ... in a good way.

Just 4 simple things that can really have an impact ... try it.

LOOK UP! HOLD YOUR SHOULDERS BACK! WALK FAST AND SMILE! People will wonder where you got the energy and you will gain confidence just by those acts! For all those people who do this already ... you are the people I like to "hang with"!

PS. We could also talk about dressing for success or getting fit and staying healthy. All ways to get recognized!