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The Black Tie Season!

A little more insight into life as a CEO ...

We are currently into the "Black Tie season", that time of year when many charity organizations have their big fund raisers. If you are in any way involved with charities (and as a business leader it is really an expectation that you should be involved) then you will be somewhat active in these events.

The way it seems to work is that the charities you work with need you to sell tickets and tables for people to attend your chosen function. You may also be expected to get items for auction or as door prizes. This is just an expectation and comes with the territory.

The way to be successful is to solicit all those business friends that you have cultivated, and get them to come to your event. The price of course is that you have to support their events! The more successful you are at selling for your own event, the more events you get to attend.

If you are a party animal like me, that really isn't a big hardship, except that it is a lot of time and time is really a precious commodity. This week I will be tied up with different events for 5 nights out of 7, and will be out of town for a 6th evening, returning late from an industry association board meeting. Sunday is the proverbial day of rest.

I may have mentioned before that I am not really an early morning person, so I often don't roll into the office until some time after 8:30 ... having already had my morning workout, had breakfast and checked the email for anything urgent. After all this time in this role, eleven years now, I still feel guilty showing up at the office after 8:30! It is crazy really when I put in hours travelling, work weekends and put in hours at night and rarely leave the office before 7pm these days! Must be that Catholic guilt thing!

I started this blog entry talking about the charity events, and while they are fun and a great way to catch up with other business leaders they can be a little tough on the schedule, the body clock and the waist line! So it is also important to be disciplined about exercise, diet and generally staying healthy. As I have mentioned before, it is hard to be a productive leader if you don't have the energy to stay on top of your game.

A few messages hidden in this little post if you are a leader or intend to become one ...

1. Get involved in charities!
2. Stay fit.
3. Party hard and often ... in support of charities!!!

"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today" ... James Dean!