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A Tough Lesson

Many years ago I received some sage advice from a lawyer friend of mine. I had been treated shabbily by a former employer and upon leaving the company they owed me quite a bit of money. I tried to talk to them about it and was ignored ... so I went to see Dan.

His advice went something like this ...

You have a good case, and most likely you will get a settlement. BUT ... it will likely take a couple of years by the time it works its way through the courts, and the employer chooses to drag their heels. At the end they will likely offer to settle for something less than you are owed and you will have spent a good amount of money on lawyers in the meantime! That however isn't the worst of it ... for the next couple of years this black cloud will be hanging over you. My advice ... write it off and get on with positive things in your life!

He was RIGHT! That is exactly what I did and it took a little while to get into the right frame of mind, but I had chosen to work for this company, I also chose to leave and they were the ones with the ethical issues ... good riddance!

Fast forward maybe 15 years or so. Eagle contracted with a supplier to deliver a service a little more than a year ago. It has been a disaster, I have mentioned their customer service (or lack thereof) several times in various blog entries, they failed to deliver on so many fronts, they had a huge negative on Eagle's productivity and we paid them close to half a million dollars over that time! The experience was unbelievable ... they were unable or unwilling to address issues in any kind of timely manner and as mentioned in previous blogs their CEO even refused to answer my calls.

The good news ... as far as Eagle is concerned is that they are now gone! We negotiated a mutual termination and I am not allowed to trash them ... so I won't mention their name. It is incredulous to me that a company can operate like these guys and stay in business, so I have no doubt that they hurt themselves every day.

Just a few words about the differences between our new supplier and our old supplier:

1. Our new supplier implemented our solution in 2 months with very little "touch up work" needed. The old supplier took 4 months and forced us to go live with major bugs, that were never fixed!
2. Our old suppliers CEO refused to take my calls ... I spent time "partying" with all of the executive at the new supplier.
3. Our old supplier informed me that my point of contact into their company was the customer support centre ... with our new guys I have great support at the very senior levels and they address anything quickly!
4. Our old guys took our cheque and disappeared into a black hole ... the new guys had ever member of their management team who might possibly touch our account send me a message to introduce themselves.
5. Our old guys never delivered on their promises ... our new guys always deliver!

Back to my original story ... sometimes the best thing to do is to recognize that change is needed and move on. I would have loved to get a "pound of flesh" from these clowns, but at least i won't have a black cloud to deal with and I have a new supplier that is GREAT!!!! At the end of the day I chose to buy from the old supplier and I chose to leave them ... they are the ones with the ethical issues and good riddance!