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Going to the Beach!

Tomorrow I am heading out for a two week vacation and I am ready for it!

The last year has been very challenging, primarily because of our technology issues. We made the huge decision to move from our in-house core systems to an industry solution; we spent 4 months and half a million dollars converting from our old systems ... and the new system bombed! We had to operate for eight months dragging that boat anchor of a system with us!!!

In September, after a compressed two month conversion we went live on Bullhorn ... and suddenly we were back in the game. Two months later we are loving it ... many thanks to Art, Barrie and their great team! While we still have work to do, our core systems are "singing and dancing" and the pressure tap has been lifted. We negotiated with our "boat anchor supplier" and they are now history as far as we are concerned.

The biggest problem when something major goes off the rails is that the management team focus is changed from where it should be to compensate for the problems. Now we are back on track and focusing on the right things! Its also a good time for me to take a break and charge the batteries before we execute on the next steps in our master plan!

I have now been blogging for almost two years and this blog has 415 entries ... I guess that gives credibility to those people who think I talk a lot! During that time my goal has been to blog most business days and generally I have managed to keep that going, with just a few exceptions. I am not sure if I will be blogging "from the beach" but I will definitely be back the first week in December, so if you don't hear from me before then ... "Walk Fast and Smile"!