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The Simplicity of Success

I will not suggest for a moment that it is simple to succeed, however as the title suggests it is often the simple approach that works best.

Some points to consider ...

1. The difference between winning and losing can be very small. In a race it can be fractions of a second; in a game it can be a "fluke" goal versus a missed opportunity; in business it might be a few dollars, or a few minutes or one person's actions that make the difference.
2. When being chased in the wild by a grizzly bear you don't need to be able to run faster than the bear ... just the person who you are with! (a little humour)
3. It is often the salesperson who is "most focused" on their job who becomes the "top performer". They don't always work the longest hours but when they are working they are focused.

Success at any venture is within anyone's grasp if they are very focused on that success. Here are a few tips to reach success:

1. Keep a detailed diary of everything you do in your workday, for a week. It could be a diary broken out into 15 minute segments, or it could be just a list of each task as you start and finish.
2. Analyse how you use your time. For each task ask yourself ... did this task help me to be successful in my job? Could I have done this task more effectively? Would it make more sense for someone else to do this?
3. Look for time wasters. How often do you go for coffee, water, snack, washroom breaks etc? How long do you spend on these things? How often are you making personal calls or just chit chatting with colleagues? How many minutes over the course of a week could you recover?

If you spent every possible minute in in the week on a productive task that works towards personal success in your job then you would most likely be the most productive employee in your group! That would get noticed, lead to more success, promotions, increased income etc.

Most people don't come to work ... to work! They waste time in lots of ways, they do "make work" jobs, they chat with their friends and family, they go for endless coffees and waters taking their time in the process. They avoid the "heavy lifting" because it can be hard work ... which of course is what they are paid to do.

There is a great sense of satisfaction in being productive, in getting a lot done and seeing the results. The simple way to reach that state is to focus on work ... avoid the time wasters and just knuckle down. Try it ... you might just discover that feeling of achievement, its cool!