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The Staffing Industry in Canada

I have talked many times about this industry and the value that we bring to our clients and to the economy. The advantages of flexible labour are many and varied ...

To the job seeker we provide:

1. flexibility in their schedule, important to many people for many different reasons;
2. opportunity for training whether it be in a new position, new industry or even for a first job;
3. the ability to gain supplemental income, important to students, lower income people, or those just wishing to be able to earn a few extra dollars;
4. for many we provide a bridge to a full-time position;
5. for many we provide a pay cheque, without which they could not pay their bills.

To the contract professional we provide:

1. access to jobs that are not available directly to the individual;
2. a means to maintain the independent lifestyle, while focusing on their core skills;
3. a fast way to get paid;
4. access to affordable insurance;
5. a pay cheque.

Staffing companies are governed by both Federal and provincial laws and as such meet and exceed guidelines for pay, work conditions and any other legal requirement. Temporary workers are not a disadvantaged group.

To the employer we provide:

1. flexibility to quickly adjust staffing levels to meet varying work loads;
2. access to key skills not otherwise readily available in the market place, whether it be contract resources, resources from other geographies or just scarce resources companies would not otherwise find;
3. a means to find, screen and hire new employees at every level.
4. risk mitigation when dealing with the issues around co-employment, intellectual property, insurance and any number of issues;
5. a means to bring in large numbers of temporary workers without all of the administrative headaches a large corporation would suffer doing it themselves.

I think that the value proposition is pretty compelling ... and these are messages that our industry will be broadcasting wide and far.

According to the latest number from Statistics Canada (2004 numbers) our industry generates $7.2 billion in revenues. That means that we are a key contributor to Canada's economy, providing work for tens of thousands of people, paying taxes into Federal and Provincial coffers, supporting charities, occupying office space and generally operating as good corporate citizens. How did that old saying go ... Have you hugged a staffing professional today? (something like that anyway!)