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Back at the Office!

Two weeks of rest and recuperation in the sun and here I am back at the office!

I do believe that we all need to recharge the batteries every now and then, and I was ready for a break. I tried very hard to stay away from work and the Eagle management team were very accommodating, and did a great job of running things while I was goofing off! Hmmm ... I guess I now need to ask myself if I am needed?

The trip back from vacation could have been better ... we chose a travel day that coincided with serious weather conditions across Canada. Consequently our flight to Vancouver from Honolulu was two hours late and we missed our connection. The revised plan had us into a very snowy Ottawa at 1:30am and a major line-up for taxis ensured we didn't get home till 2:30am.

It is a great idea to avoid the email while on vacation, unfortunately it is still there when you get back!

So with lousy travel and tons of email, this should be the point in time when I wonder if I should have gone ... but actually its all good! I have a plan to work my way through the emails, I prioritized those that need attention more quickly and will get to the less urgent items later. I have reviewed my task list and as always there is lots to do ... but I am taking control of it and planning it into my schedule. The travel ... some things you can control and others you can't, so why dwell on it?

The break was great and I am ready to be back, as always I will try to use good time management techniques to be as effective as I can. It always feels good to "knock off" those outstanding tasks. Good time management skills are essential in almost any job, and I have written about the subject many times. Most recently I wrote about Managing Responsibilities and that blog entry referenced several other blog entries. Kit Grant also wrote on this subject in his latest newsletter, here is an excerpt ...

Are you getting things done or are you just thinking about doing them? One of the greatest self-motivators is to actually follow through on an action plan and get something completed. It's been said that the road to success is marked with many tempting parking places and procrastination knows them all! I'm taking the next three weeks to just go through some of the mounds of materials I have accumulated over the past year and either put the tools and techniques into practice or discard them. Just looking at the piles of paper is too frustrating and has been going on too long so it's time for action. It'll take the first two days just to find my desk. Since I'm not traveling this month at all, I'll have lots of time to get at it? How about you? What projects or tasks have been hanging over your head (maybe not for a year, but long enough) that you could make significant headway on by dedicating yourself more to action and a little less to contemplation. Getting started now finishes off 2007 with positive thoughts and removes a lot of pressure from "goofy" New Year's resolutions.

What are you doing to be more efficient with your time?