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Client Expectations

I was reading a blog entry from Tom Peters (author and consultant) about the power of marketing. The entry was bang on and the reader comments on his blog entry were equally interesting. The situation that he is describing relates to the negative side of marketing and how we, as companies, can program our clients to expect lower and lower prices ... eroding the value proposition altogether.

In the staffing industry we are masters at this! I have blogged before about those companies in our industry who "buy business" to get market share, but all that ever happens is that they erode the value of our industry one client at a time. Our industry has a very compelling value proposition which is undermined when we don't value it ourselves. All of our client companies want to achieve cost savings and provide best value to their shareholders and I have no issue with that. What I object to is the ever downward spiraling expectations that are set, in exactly the way that tom Peters talks about, by "low ball" suppliers. I blogged some time ago that I wished clients would value our industry ... I think Peters is right, we need to value it ourselves first! As Tom says we are reaping what we sow!