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More Thoughts on Winning and Losing!

I wrote a blog entry some time ago about what it takes to win. This is a subject with some great examples in the world of sports that we can look at.

In the National Football League (the kind of football with the rugby shaped balls) there is a story of two teams that may set opposite records this year. The New England Patriots have an opportunity to have a perfect year, currently sitting with a 13-0 record it would not be a surprise for them to win every game and end at 16-0. At the other end of the scale the Miami Dolphins currently sit with a 0-13 record and could well end up at 0-16. Both teams have very capable players, coaches and supportive organizations. Both teams are capable of winning or losing ... but New England have an edge in their favour, have the confidence of winners and continue to roll. Miami have lost confidence, are making mistakes, perhaps trying too hard ... and keep losing.

In the National Hockey League my home town Ottawa Senators were off to a record breaking start, racing away at the top of the league with a record of 13 wins and 1 loss. More recently they had a 7 game losing streak ... and now "seem" to be coming out of their "slump".

On the weekend two undefeated boxers matched up with Ricky Hatton from England taking on Floyd Mayweather from the USA. Mayweather knocked Hatton out in the 10th round. All of those mentioned are world class in their field, and all are capable of winning ... however some are winning others are not. Ricky Hatton can take some consolation that he would likely beat any other fighter in that category, but he wants to beat them all!

The difference between winning and losing is minuscule. It can be a little luck, it can be a state of mind, it can be the smallest of differences.

So what about the business world, and more specifically sales? A good salesperson is always looking to find that "edge" that will allow them to win. My own belief is that it is hard work that most consistently makes the difference ... I think it was Jefferson who said "The harder I work the more luck I have". When I talk about hard work in sales I mean things like ....
- Better preparation for meetings.
- More cold calls.
- More face to face sales calls.
- Working to find ways to bring value.
- Staying a little later to finish a proposal.
- Getting in a little earlier to make extra call to those clients that start early.
All the little things that differentiate a great sales person from a good sales person.

Are you going to be a winner? Do you really want to be a winner more than the other person? Are you willing to make the effort that makes you a winner?