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The Holiday Season

I am not a big fan of the Christmas season ... perhaps more correctly, I am not a big fan of the commercialization of the Christmas season. It seems that we have totally lost sight of what should be a great holiday.

For many it has become about expecting big presents, about shopping relentlessly to buy the best gifts. Many people go into debt at this time of year in order to meet and exceed the expectations of their families and friends. People worry and fret about what to buy, how to pay for it, where to shop and when to shop. The televisions and newspapers are filled with ads and enticements about the latest, the biggest, the best ... and we all rush out and spend money we don't have buying them.

The holiday season could be a lot simpler and more meaningful. We could focus more on spending quality time with friends and family. We could spend some of that money on supporting charities and people in need of an extra hand. We could teach our children that the "spending frenzy" is not what it is about. We could put less focus on toys for the adults and more focus on our children, but not with mountains of gifts perhaps instead wit a few gifts and a more precious thing ... an attitude that is caring about others.

I think the Christmas holiday could be, and should be, the best holiday of the year but I think we have managed to ruin it.

I'm as much to blame as the next person an probably my generation has done more to make this happen than any other generation. So ... perhaps it is incumbent upon me and my generation to start to change it for the better.

I hope everyone reading this has a great time and gets to spend some quality time wit their friends and family. I hope you get to relax and enjoy some good food and a change in pace from the regular work environment. I also hope you take a few minutes to do a good deed, support a charity and tell your kids about the importance of "giving" at this time of year.