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What a Wonderful World

I was working out on the weekend and had a miscellaneous playlist running through the iPod when Louis Armstrong came on with "What a Wonderful World". I couldn't help but smile because that song epitomizes the "glass half full" attitude, and I LOVE that!

I can remember dancing to that song with my aunts when I was VERY young, perhaps 5 or 6 years old in Liverpool. We didn't have much, it would have been a Sunday visit to my Grandmother's house and our enjoyment came the visit with family, the home cooked food and listening (and dancing) to the LP records (now we are talking old technology). Life was certainly simple back then and it was good to take pleasure in those simple things.

We really do have a good life these days in our Western Society ... there is very low unemployment, accessibility to so much in material terms and no real barriers to success for those willing to work and make things happen. I have written in the past about staying motivated, but really you only have to "count your blessings" for a few minutes to recognize that it really is a Wonderful World.

We can all tend to focus on the problems and negatives in our lives, but a positive attitude achieves so much more. Maybe taking a few minutes to appreciate the "trees of green ... red roses too" will get you thinking "It's a Wonderful World".

Thanks Louis!

PS. I make no apologies for having this classic on my iPod, its there along with other classics but also Shaggy, 50 Cent, Eminem and a wide variety of genres! My wonderful world has many different ways to stimulate my interest!