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Canadian Professional Sales Association

I have referenced the CPSA many times through my various blog entries over the last couple of years and every now and again ... when I read a good article in their newsletter or have a discussion about career development with someone in sales or entering the profession ... I take the time to mention this organization again. There are many reasons I like the CPSA but I particularly like the fact that they have a certification program for sales professionals and they promote ethical business practices.

The short article I read today was another "soundbite" of good advice for salespeople written by Daniel Burrus, founder of Burrus Research. His article outlines 6 trends every salesperson should know and I will list them here, but you can read the full article at the CPSA website.

Trend #1: Your past success will increasingly hold you back.
Trend #2: Technology-driven change will dramatically accelerate.
Trend #3: Time is increasing in value.
Trend #4: Communicating is more valuable than informing.
Trend #5: Solutions to present problems become obsolete faster.
Trend #6: Sell the future benefit of what you do.

In addition to interesting articles and personal development content, membership in the CPSA brings access to a host of benefits such as preferential pricing at hotels and car rental companies. I have been a member for many years and the approximately $100 it costs for membership each year is always offset many times over from savings on hotel cost.

Worth checking out!